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I’ll Never In My Life Pay Deference To An Absurdly Unjust Social Order! - Poem by Stanley Collymore

By Stanley Collymore

Do I feel any sympathy for or charity towards the Labtory
infiltrators, venal charlatans, odious carpetbaggers and
the pernicious destroyers of democracy within the
Labour Party who, conspicuously concomitant
with the multiplicity of their other combined
and characteristically egregious activities
of self-serving individualism and skulduggery industriously
inserted into every single activity they were engaged in
and with no thought or the slightest consideration for
anyone other than themselves and their inane camp
followers, sought to and did manage to injuriously
insert their intimidating brand of bogus change:
“reformation” they dishonestly passed it off
as, of what they then characterized as the
official version, must be accepted and
unchallenged orthodoxy, then put in
place of the generally known and
universally accepted precepts
of what the philosophy of
authentic democracy
should really be?

Of course I don’t! Nor would I, even in the
remotest sense, consciously allow myself
to be shamefully prevailed upon to do
so! For I am a Democrat and always
will be so at heart, and someone
that can’t be bought and sold
like these charlatans permit themselves to be;
and therefore in the most principled terms
will constantly and happily remain the
person I am, and have always been
rather proud to be: true to myself
at every turn and the energetic
believer in accomplishing
to the best of my ability,
and in every possible
way I can, to fully
and unpretentiously
meet my personal
obligations to
as many of my
fellow human
beings as
I can!

© Stanley V. Collymore
12 September 2015.

Author’s Unapologetic Remarks:
The Labour Party leadership campaign is over and having industriously worked on Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign from the very outset I’m quite delighted that he has won and if honestly allowed to get on with the work that he’s capable of implementing change this sick society we call Britain for the better. I know it’ll be a difficult task made all the more so by Jeremy’s many detractors all of them with their own self-interests and not a single care for the majority of the British public whom they cynically and manipulatively use and dishonestly pretend in cases like these when their propaganda rhetoric has worn thin that they really care for, when in point of fact they simply don’t!

And in all this hullabaloo of theirs it never fails to amaze me the profound depths of sewer wading that these odious specimens of human wilfully sink to, to give the ludicrous pretence that they’re “genuinely” behind and very much in favour of doing what’s best for Britain. Oh really? Like Jimmy Savile and the rest of his ilk, past and present, were or are for children’s welfare I suspect!

So today on Page 6 of the Metro – the self-congratulatory freebie rag that is such because if it were for sale nobody in their right mind would actually buy it – under the heading: “A dozen go as leader assembles his new team, ” unmistakably a cheap, castigatory and sour grapes dig at Jeremy Corbyn, this London based, foreign oligarch owned rag, printed the photographs in vertical serial ranks of, and I’ll name every one of the here: Chuka Umunna, Yvette Cooper, Chris Leslie, Tristram Hunt, Rachel Reeves, Liz Kendall, Dan Jarvis, John Woodcock, Jamie Reed, Emma Reynolds, Shabana Mahmood and Ivan Lewis. And under their respective name the Metro felt obliged to put the shadow portfolios they all held, as it rather risibly pretended that these utter nonentities were heavyweights in British politics who’d sensibly turned their backs on Jeremy Corbyn.

I’m a readily self-confessed, political animal and was a card-carrying member of the Labour Party from my early teens until I rescinded my membership when Blair and Brown hijacked the party that not only myself but also every member of my family and their friends belonged to; for I can effortlessly spot lowlife, white trash when I see it and I sure as Hell didn’t want to be any part of their repulsive and self-serving, carpet bagging escapades within the Party whose noble aspirations and conscionable objectives resonated with my own and those of my family members. So I stopped being an activist as well: campaigning on doorsteps, leafleting and all the rest of it, and instead just voted for the candidate of my choice at elections, which always happened to be Labour although more often than not I had to hold my nose firmly to stem the stench of so-called New Labour as I placed my X on the ballot paper.

And placed in that most untenable and uncomfortable position I guess I was like millions of bona fide Labour Party members and supporters throughout the country who either switched off entirely or even turned to other political parties because the Labour Party under its odious Labtory infiltrators wasn’t an entity that they could honestly identify with anymore. But that also had its inherent and serious dangers; for with large numbers of voters across the country no longer involved in active politics it also meant the percentage of those who were had shrunk to a level that markedly pleased the main political parties’ hierarchy. How and why? Just look at the percentage vote the Tories got in the last election for example that meant the Tories and Labour Party Labtories and even the Lib-Dems could all rely on a small vote to get them into power and share such power between themselves and those in the Westminster Bubble and not give a toss about the electorate or the public at large.

So with Jeremy Corbyn amazingly galvanizing people both nationally in the United Kingdom and even internationally – he’s deeply admired for his political stance to global injustices, his personal integrity and his straight-talking – none of that PR-and-disingenuous-speak - and so doesn’t sound like some wound up and orchestrated robot as the other politicians do because he actually says what he really believes in– and is therefore immensely respected in countries as diverse as Germany, France, the aspirant independent Catalonia, Greece, Iran and several others and stretching from South America and the Caribbean to Taiwan, and from Britain to the South Pacific, these detractors and opponents of his who saw him as a sick joke have now had to change their tune because he now seriously threatens their comfort-zone sense of what was essentially an “unchallengeable” right as they saw it to control the lives of the rest of us; even to the extent of the privileged and parasitical poofters currently in office now claiming that Jeremy Corbyn is a threat to national security. Over 31 years he’s been in parliament and they’ve just discovered that having at the start of the leadership campaign lampooned him as a useless no-hoper?

But to go back to these 12 pillocks, who physically even look like your classic pillocks, that the Metro and other vested interest so-called mainstream British media are touting as a great loss to Jeremy Corbyn and what a principled stance they’ve made? Hold on a minute, none of these self-individualism fuckers haven’t a clue what the word principle means. Liz Kendall is on record saying that she wants power: when I always believed that the principal role of an MP was to represent the genuine interests of his or her constituents. Chuka Umunna is a self-confused gender issue and delusional House Nigger as I characterized in earlier tweets; while Shabana Mahmood is your classic token “Muslim” minority whatever; and the rest of them are simply white trash. And I must confess that apart from Yvette Cooper who’s married to Ed Balls the rest of them I hadn’t a clue who they were or what they did as I don’t frequent the sewers and consequently don’t in my everyday life come across sewer rats. Even the 73 year old dolt and Zionist prat Frank Field: no friend of Jeremy Corbyn, describes this bunch of morons that the Metro is somewhat self-servingly propagating as the crème de la crème of British politics, as “thin Blairite gruel! ” The only sensible thing I can recall that this revolting bum has ever said in his miserable life.

So finally and putting you the general public to the test how many of these grandstanding and self-promoting pillocks would any of you have recognized or known what they did? I thought as much! Preposterously “saviours” of Britain that Jeremy Corbyn can well do without; and so in characteristic fashion I’ll now contentedly sign off on this matter relative to our irrevocably lost political “saviours” with the celebrated and most fitting portrayal relevant to them of: “good riddance to bad rubbish! ”

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