I Lost My Heart (In San Francisco) Poem by Bryan Norton

I Lost My Heart (In San Francisco)

I lost my heart, in San Francisco
The day that I lost you
When you told me so long
Then I knew it was wrong
But my darling, what else could I do?

It was there in the mist of the morning
On the block of that old Union Square
When I left with a frown
For that old China Town
And the job that was calling me there

So I said my farewell by a painting
Of a clown that was starting to cry
But the clown that you saw
Was the one you could draw
By the tear that appeared in my eye

Well they put me to work in the kitchen
But their dollar was less than a dime
For the money I lost
On the salad I tossed
Was the change in the rest of my time

So I sat on a pier by the water
Where the gullible squander their bread
But the fowl I could reach
Were the ones on the beach
And the rest who were drinking instead

So I stole me a bar of some chocolate
From a shop that was close to the bay
But the letter I wrote
Was the one on the boat
On the morning they put me away.

Monday, May 25, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: city,loss,love,song
Bryan Norton

Bryan Norton

Napa, California
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