My Favorite Things Poem by Bryan Norton

My Favorite Things

Rating: 3.8

My favorite things are the leaves of a tree
Which dance in the breeze as they flicker and flee
In the heat of the day their shade beckons me
And the shadows they cast sweep the grass silently

In the summer they shimmer for everyone
On branches which wave in the wind to the sun
In the fall they scatter like colors that run
For the smallest of children to chase and have fun

My favorite things arrive with the weather
On wild, windy days that go on forever
When thunder and lightning make mischief together
And moist, silent creatures wake up to get wetter

Billows of rain clouds appear where they blow
To blanket a sleepy but soft yellow glow
The brilliance of heaven is breaking below
From sun ray to raindrop to beautiful 'bow

My favorite things are the sand and the sea
And the surf as it breaks on the rocks violently
Forming gentle white foam which the tide brings to me
And to tiny sand creatures that creep quietly

We learn how to live through whatever life brings
Building tomorrow through sorrow and stings
Through every new trial my happy heart sings
As I smile and remember my favorite things.

Thursday, December 8, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: reflections
Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 26 January 2020

Loved your poem Bryan. Strangely, these are my favourite things as well. The leaves of the tree when they dance in the breeze, the sand and the sea and so on, all wonderful things of nature.Little things bring us joy as we tread on with the ups and downs of life. Enjoyed your reflections, dear Poet........10

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Kim Barney 08 December 2016

Very nice. I have some of the same favorite things as you. A well-written poem.

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Bryan Norton

Bryan Norton

Napa, California
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