' I Love Books... ' Poem by MoonBee Canady

' I Love Books... '

Rating: 2.7

The Internet Is Grand
A Masterpiece From Man
But I Like Something More
I Can Hold In My Hand …

And Read Myself To Sleep
While Its Possession I Keep
A Memento Sharing
Of When A Writer Speaks

Now, I Like Cyberspace
But I Love Face To Face
And A Book Is More Personal
In A 3-Dimensional Case …

… The Leather
The Texture
The Author’s Own

The Smell
The Spell
‘Til Ended Tale

Captivated Cover To Cover
There To Read Over and Over
Your Own Special Edition
Or Revision To Hover

A Book You Can Look At
And Feel It Too
A Book You Can Hold
As Its Story Holds You …

It Lays Upon The Bed
Face Down Yet Boldly Spread
Whispering To Your Coverlet
The Last Words It Said …

Or Resting Upon A Pillow
With A Marker Put In Place
Waiting For The Moment
You Wake and Your Gaze

… Each Crisp Sheet Produced
Is A Precious Part
… Each Page Turned
Is A Touch From Its Heart

… Each Gilded Leaf Was Sacrificed
For The Sake Of Ancient Art
… and Each Volume Was Sent
To Pierce Like Dream-Darts

… Give Me My Favorite Book
And A Fireside Sofa
On A Cold Afternoon
When The Rush Hours’ Over

… Give Me My Favorite Book
In A Backyard Hammock
Propped Up Like A Princess
In A Royal Paddock

… Give Me A Favorite Book
When I Just Can’t Sleep
Because No Computer Screen
Has Ever Relaxed Me …

Yes, Internet Has No Compare
But Books Aren’t Going Anywhere
For Some Books Are Very Priceless
And Some Books Are Very Rare

The Book Is A Private Thing
More Than A Story On Screen
Its Safe From Spyware Unseen
Just Time To See What Tome Means

Just You and The Page
And What The Book Says
No Intruder To Pop Up
And Invade Book’s Space

… The Ritual Of Reading
Is An Addiction Worth Deepening
But It Has More Substance
In Hard Or Paperback Releasing

… Give Me A Favorite Book
When I Just Want To Read
When I Shut The World Out …
A Book Is What I Need

Written & ©: 7/13/10

By: MoonBee

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