I Love The Birds Poem by Francis Duggan

I Love The Birds

I love the birds the wildborn birds are free
Their roof the clouds their house is every tree
With the environment they live in harmony
Whilst man is the environment's enemy.

It's true that birds fight for their territory
And wildborn birds been known to disagree
And if eagle has to kill to stay alive
It's part of life the great need to survive.

But man cruel man has been known to kill for fun
And without provocation use his gun
And he kill to satisfy his sadistic mood
And he leave his victim there for worm food.

And man with smoke he foul and smog the skies
And shroud the heavens from the Earthling eyes
And then he go and justify his wrong
By saying this World to human kind belong.

And I a man for sins of man share blame
And at the callousness of man feel shame
We smoke the skies, make Mother Nature bleed
And man on face of Planet Earth a weed.

I love the birds though I envy them their joy
The minstrels of the forest and the sky
With Planet Earth they live in harmony
Whilst man is environment's enemy.

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