I Love You Poem by Mohammad Younus

I Love You


Love! I can feel your presence
When I'm inside my closet but
There's too much confusion
Going around inside my closet
It grieves me to see
The candles of others
Burning in my closet
Under their light
I can see a face
But I know, it is not you
It is just an illusion
Caused by my adoring the other
Why can't I blow them out!
And light my own candle
To see your glittering face
Old friends! go home please
Let me alone with myself
Don't stand between
Me and my love
I am angry
I can't bear you any more
My heart has become
A broom closet, a bin
With all junk there inside
Hypocrisy, hate, horror
Lustful passion for other
Love! I swear of you,
I shall clean and clear
The closet for you
Call me to yourself
Erase all other, please
From my closet
Clear all images and forms
I dressed on the walls
Of my closet
Till it is empty
For you alone
I am hopeful
I shall meet you
In my closet
And sit and sing for long
We have got an old love
When you took a pledge
That I will love no other
Alastu birabbikum gome
Nidā Kami Tām shayai
When we know
Who said Alastu
Who said balā
We won't have to say
I love you, I love you


Saturday, November 30, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: love
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