In The Garden Of Love Poem by Mohammad Younus

In The Garden Of Love

Rating: 5.0

I went to take a stroll in the Garden of Love to-day -
My Love's singing birds came to sing for me...
...under the cool shade of chinār-tree,
And swarms of honey-bees flitted across the garden,
As all the flowers were calling them...
...for taking nectar from their cups,
And the fragrant breeze went singing over the garden,
Tossing the flowers to and fro...
... making them send out fragrance more and more,
And a rainbow held out its shining sword over my head...
...admonishing me to listen to the divine music attentively.


LeeAnn Azzopardi 29 September 2022

Wonderful Mohammad

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Nabakishore Dash 28 November 2022

Fantastic poem with nice imagery dear poet YouBut.Congrats.

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MAHTAB BANGALEE 27 November 2022

listen; listen the rhythm of heart; it's divine; just divine music; feel it metaphysically; nice to read you; congrats for being selected the poem as POD

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Amy Harris 27 November 2022

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Michael Hopkins 27 November 2022

A well penned poem. Well done MY

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Dr Dillip K Swain 27 November 2022

A lovely poem..... many congratulations dear poet.

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