I Might-And I Might Not Poem by Gamaliel Bradford

I Might-And I Might Not

Rating: 3.6

I might forget ambition and the hunger for success.
I might forget the passion to escape from nothingness.
I might forget the curious dreams of ecstasy that haunt
My fancy day and night. I might forget them. But I can't.

If I could let the pen alone and leave the inkstand dry,
And forego perpetual effort to be climbing, climbing high,
And lay aside my mad designs to startle and enchant,
I might enjoy the sweet of common living. But I can't.

I might be just a Philistine, and eat, and drink, and sleep,
And drive a dusty motor and pile money in a heap,
And let the stream of life run through my brain and be forgot.
If I did, I might be happier. I might—and I might not.

Sylvia Frances Chan 11 April 2021

Congratulations on the choice of Poem Hunter and Team as The Classic Poem Of The Day.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 11 April 2021

What a beautiful poem this is! Not just any thought-provoking poem, but an ongoing thought-provoking poem, it works like a 'looping' photograph, over and over. Congratulations!

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Gamaliel Bradford

Gamaliel Bradford

Boston, Massachusetts
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