I Must Have Linked These Two Worlds Poem by Anthony Edmond John

I Must Have Linked These Two Worlds

Maybe I have linked two worlds that stood apart,
I who the spirits honored with that grey strand,
Some wine stands and an excellent memory bank,
Rhymes sweet as the words from those shooting of stars,
Words that move feet like the jive from our very own high-life live band,
What then brought about those visions of England becoming a communist state,
Maybe a mirage illusion,
In whose school of thought or at whose induction,
Bach I have gleaned from the black and whites of your piano,
This orchestra is truly large and most cherished is the sonority of your sopranos,
I have picked up quail and ink unto these pages that blink,
I very well still believe that Abeokuta cannot save your conscience that stinks,
My subconscious is awake; its filled with fire that kicks,
If Leonardo Da Vinci is not my mentor then why do I see through his eye balls that swirls,
Life is a school; it is also a whirlpool,
Words unlatched from thy tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008
Topic(s) of this poem: future,love,world peace
Dawn Rodgers 26 September 2008

In this poem you talk about two worlds and then you contrast conscieneness and unconscienceness and you speak of both music and the arts, communism and illusions. What I glean form this poem is being able to rise above all that lies betwee these things and see them for what they really are. Is that what you mean by you linked two worlds?

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Ipaye Israel 18 September 2008

what are the two world you linked. yearning to be a bay wreath? well fair job

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