I Need A Company Poem by Michael Eziudo

I Need A Company


Wait o. That I am rich
That I am a poet
That I am a writer
That I sing
That I am a teacher
That I am a philanthropist
All doesn't mean I don't need a company

My riches aren't for me
They are to make these people get what they desire
I am only the tusk bearer
Who holds the mantle for humanity
For me wealthy is a title
Until it betters another's life
Wealth can't give company although it brings it
I need a company too
One attracted not by the wealth
But by the knowledge of who I am

My poems are my ways of painting the world I want us to live in for you to see
Nothing can ever be beautiful
Without a foreseen image
So I make imagery be
By the thoughts and feelings and ideas
I pen down in lines and verses
I need a company
One that would bring me out of this lonesome world
By nodding in understanding of what I had penned
And give a hug of acceptance

My writing is my gentle way of taking you into the world of my imagination
When I write I only think out loud
It is the only way I think I have
To get you to hear my voice
Of the injustices and pains and hardship and love and betrayal of men and life
I too need a company
One that will read the vision of these tales and run along with it

What I do in my singing
Is a conscious effort I put in
To smear your heart, mind and thought with the right reasonings, prayer and confession
That the lyrics be buried in your heart
And come to your memory often
Then when the seeming evil tries to raise its head up high
You'll remember what you heard me sing
If not the one you read me write
I need a company
One that will listen and nod to the truth I speak
And reason out the just from the unjust
And take a decision that will put things and life on the right stand for life

I teach so that you'll know
That the things I know won't die with me when I die
And I teach
To provide solution to the problems that were, that are and that are yet to come
My classroom is the four walls of your heart after the time we spent on the four walls made of bricks
That all that are to be taught
Would be a conscious effort
Of connecting book to real life experience
And tomorrow we can lay our heads down
And sleep with our two eyes shot
I need a company
Not one that are students
But one that will understand that they stay with me to learn along as I teach with no chalk and board

When I go about in good course
I had stopped taking care of myself
Because I might not remember any more how to take care of you if I still pay attention to myself
My acts of kindness
Are my ways of offering my selfless service
To paint your heart with joy and fill your face with laughter
I need a company
One that will be to me
A family in deed
And understand my course
And continue from where I'd stop when I would
I need a company

Friday, September 1, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: humanity,life
Aston Marley 02 September 2017

I love this poem. Great work sir.

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Michael Eziudo

Michael Eziudo

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