Your Course Is The Cause That Curse You Poem by Michael Eziudo

Your Course Is The Cause That Curse You

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I am a star yes I know
A star that does not recognise his fans is that one a star?
Soon, his source of light will deem

I am a celebrity yes I know
A celebrity that doesn't know the import of his hosts
Is that one a celebrity?
Soon, his source of splendour would wear off

I am a mother yes I know
A mother that doesn't know that mother is not made by just giving birth to children
Is that one a mother?
Her basket would soon run empty

I am a teacher yes I know
A teacher that does not know to teach his learners to stand independent of him
Is that one a teacher?
Knowledge would soon mock him and posterity would put sand in his bread

I am a learner yes I know
A learner that does not know that the acquired knowledge is one to help him paint the world he wants out of his life
Is that one a learner?
Soon he would beg his classmates for food
And yet wonder why his reach is underdeveloped

I am a trader yes I know
A trader that does not know that a bad deal today minuses a client
And one unsatisfied client is five lost
Is that one a trader?
Poverty is your next door neighbour

I am a leader yes I know
A leader that does not know to be selfless
See tomorrow and sacrifice today
And make his followers see what he sees
And give his followers what is due them when it's right
Is that one a leader?
His death is imminent and never negotiable

I am an institution yes I know
An institution that does not know to breed well-seasoned and properly cooked brains to reason justly and not dependent on buried baseless dogma for judgement
Is that one an institution?
Its walls would soon fall from their foundations

I am a government yes I know
A government that does not know to meet the wailing of her citizens
Even when it has the will and power
But would do otherwise for selfish assertions
Is that one a government?
Her cup is already full and her captors would soon ambush

I am a nation yes I know
A nation that does not know to see diversity of purpose
Is that one a nation?
Soon her unity would no longer hold

I am you yes I know
You that do not know to help another man stand when you had the opportunity
You that do not know to stand for what is right even when others act otherwise
You that do not know to raise your shoulders high and keep your head when others are loosing theirs
Is that one you?
Soon, waters of time would flush the sand off your feet and you'll become a slave in your territory
And nothing would be written of you on the walls of time

I am the me I see me be
Me that does what I feel is right as my choice approves in the view to please no man or spirit
That when you see me and call me brother
It won't be to please me
But to speak the truth as of what I did
In the bid that I live and you live and love and happiness flow
And in the end
My course won't be the cause that cursed me

Saturday, August 12, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: humanity
Dawn Novus 06 September 2017

Gobsmacked..truly..speech (-)

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Jazib Kamalvi 12 August 2017

A nice poetic imagination, Eziudo. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks

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Michael Eziudo

Michael Eziudo

Benin City, Nigeria
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