I Need Someone, Someone To Tell! Pt.1 Poem by Mz.Honesty Only

I Need Someone, Someone To Tell! Pt.1

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My daddy gone and it feel like im in hell...
I need someone to talk to, someone i can tell
He was always there to make me strong
Now everything is going wrong.
My mother say she mad cause i smoke weed...
But everynight her and a man is doing speed.
Now she sell her body for crack..
It's her self-esteem she lack.
I need some one to talk to, someone to tell...
This isnt the reason im in hell.
She knocked on my door late last night.
I knew something wasnt right
It was a different man this time...
My own mother and three men have commited this crime.
She let them f**k me at a dropp of a dime.
I need someone to talk to, someone to tell..
This is half the reason im in hell...

Sharni Baker 22 January 2008

* tear runs down face* Oh darl this one made me cry i am so sorry i just wish i could be there by your side and be the best friend to hold your hand and to talk to when your down *sigh*

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Francis Duggan 21 January 2008

This is such sad story Mz Honesty looks like you have been sinned against in a bad way so sorry to hear this

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Dislocated Heart 15 January 2008

very sorry.. cant imagine life that way. if its really true... (bows my head down.) im sorry. i hope life for you will be better.

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