***i Want To Let My Friends Know*** Poem by Mz.Honesty Only

***i Want To Let My Friends Know***

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One thing I wanted to let you all know....
Poemhunter.com is where I escape and go...
So when I do get a comment from you...
I know one thing is true....
You can find a friend and someone do care....
I want yall to know I notice you there....
Now one thing I want all of you to do...
Know you got a friend here too.

Taniya Walton 21 January 2008

I WANT TO LET MY FRIENDS KNOW*** Continue to let your light shine. A break through is coming. Smiles and much love Taniya! ! ! ! !

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Michael Pruchnicki 04 February 2008

Mz Honesty Only - If this is therapy for you, bless you. Some good stuff you might like to read on the subject - any poem by Charles Bukowski (check poemhunter lists) , and any poem by Emily Dickinson.

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Erik Rodriguez 26 January 2008

Wonderful poem. I may not be among those mentioned for i only recently started reading your work but I would like to stay that you have a friend me. Take care Mz.Honesty

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Thank you, And isn't this a rather wonderful site. So much creativity being shared. As I delve deeper into Poemhunter, I am beginning to find inspiration in the poems I read. The styles are so diverse and often the emotion is intense. Peace, L&T

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Sarah Abdullah 22 January 2008

^_^ Woah How Sweet you are It is a place to Hide and speak your heart out and you are sooo sure that there is many ppl who will understand Thx alot for what your wrote ^_^

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Gabriela Valoy 21 January 2008

awwww. I so love you! ! ! <3

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