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' I Opened The Door For Death... ' - Poem by MoonBee Canady

I Opened The Door For Death
Invited Him In Like A Guest
He Sat Across From My Soul
I Shivered From Feeling Cold

His Face Was Shadowed & Cloaked
His Expression Was Closed As He Spoke
“I’m Glad You Let Me In …”
He Said Softly, Like A Long-Lost Friend

He Said, “I Came To Bring You A Gift
Something To Make Your Spirit Lift
For You’ve Been In So Much Pain! ”
He Sympathetically Exclaimed

“But I Can Make It All Go Away
… Just Take My Hand Today”
And He Held Out A Mirage-Like Hand
It Was Pale, But Blood-Red Drops Ran …

… Along The Length Of His Fingers
and Thin, Uplifted Palm
and In It, Something Was Beating
Like A Wild-War Drum …

It Was The Heart Of Me
Beating So Tragically
Pumping So Pitifully
A Sight So Wretched To See

and When Death Slowly Squeezed
It Was Hard for Me To Breathe
and Even Harder To Believe
As Death Explained What He Needs …

“If You Are Ready To Take The Risk
I Came To Bring An Oblivion-Bliss
But First Your Heart; We’ll Crush This
and Seal-Deal With A Hopeless-Kiss …

In Return, I’ll Give You Such Peace
This World Of Worries Will Cease
Every Pain of Yours, I Will Kill
I’ll Replace It With Elysian Fields …

You’ll Lie In Dreamless-Wonder
A Sweet Sojourn of Shadows & Slumber
Soft Blades of Grass & Blossoms; Your Canopy Bed
& A Stone Mountain Guard O’er Your Head …

No More Sadness, No More Horrors
No More Turmoil & No More Tomorrows
All This I’ll Give You, It Is No Hoax …”
Death Held Out His Hand With Heart & Coaxed …

and I Wanted To Leave – I Wanted To Go
I Didn’t Care If Death Was Friend Or Foe
I Just Didn’t Care Anymore …
That’s Why I Let Death Thru The Door …

I Opened The Door For Death
He Had Come At My Request
I Wanted Desperately To Rest
From All & Every Tests

For Me, Death Was Not A Threat
Death Had, What I Could Not Get
What Death Promised, I Wanted
So Why Hesitate – Disappointed?

Only Now, I Start To Understand
The Answer: Was Held In Death’s Hand
That Pathetic Little Part Of Me
Could Not End Unless I Agree …

My Own Bleeding, Broken Heart
It Was Beaten, Yet Still Beating Hard
& The Thought Of Crushing It Out Of Existence
… I Couldn’t Do It, Not Even At Death’s Insistence

As Death Watched My Tell-Tell Face
(Death, Saw It Happened Again)
and Death Grew Very Angry
Death’s Whole Demeanor Changed

“You Wanted Me!
That’s Why I Came! ”
Death Ravaged and Raged …
and Glittered and Blamed

“You’re A Coward! ” He Hissed
“Not Worthy Of My Kiss …
Just Do It Now
… You Won’t Be Missed! ”

Death Squeezed My Heart So Cruelly
and I Wondered, ‘Did Death Lie?
Because I’d Changed My Mind
and Didn’t Want To Die? ’

“No … I Will Not Go! ” I Said
You Cannot Make Me Become Dead! ”
His Hollow Laughter Was Darkness & Dread
Where My Burial Lurked & Led …

Death Stood Back Quietly In The Room
A Terrible Silence In The Gloom
So Certain Of My Doom
His Look Said, ‘ … Soon, Real Soon ’

Death’s Cold Stare Remained Fixedly
Intent and Resolute On Me
“You Must Come With Me Now! ”
Death Ordered In Threatened Growl

Death Tossed My Heart Up For Effect
Played With It Like Some Tortured Pet
I Wouldn’t Last The Night, I Bet
Or Escape His Wrist-Thrown-Net …

“No … I Will Not Go! ” I Said
You Cannot Make Me Become Dead! ”
His Hollow Laughter Was Darkness & Dread
“What Have You Done? ” Heart Bled …

Then A Warm & Lovely Glow Appeared
Now Death’s Bold Stance Grew A-Feared
Told Death, “You Have No Power Here …
There’s No Point Waiting Near”

“Over Her, You Have No Claim
You Have No Right To Call Her Name
It’s Her Mistake, But It’s Your Shame
Ignoring Life’s Pulse-Flame

See … Her Beating Heart Is Brave! ”
See … It’s Not Ready For The Grave
She Begged For Death Or ‘ME’ To Save
I’M The Hero … Death’s The Knave!

She Wants Freedom, Not Death-Enslaved
She Wants Sky-Clouds, Not Ground-Caves
She Wants Joy-Filled Life, Not Maggot-Craves
She Wants Love In Light-Waves & Waves

and Black-Clad Death Was No Match
Not His Devious Plots Nor Coffin Pacts
and The Crushed-Heart That Death Packed?
… They Made Death Give It Back

Now That I Know What Death’s About
I Do Not Ever Choose That Route
When Door Opened With An Almighty Shout
… and GOD Told Death, ” Get Out! ”


Many Heartaches Will Make You Cry
Many Sorrows Will Make You Sigh
& Remember Death Is Always Standing By
Waiting To Hear … “I Want To Die”

Written & ©: 7/14/10

By: The MoonBee

'Because I could not stop for Death,
He kindly stopped for me;
The carriage held but just ourselves
And Immortality.' ... Poem By: Emily Dickenson

My Version and Tribute To The Emily Dickenson Poem... This is also one of my favorite poems... along with most of Edgar Allen Poe's often sad and dark theme writes... MoonBee

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