' I Trust You, God... ' Poem by MoonBee Canady

' I Trust You, God... '

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I Trust You, God
I’m Trusting You Still
I Trust Your Wisdom
Your Ways and Your Will

I Trust Your Reasons
I Trust Your Wrath
I Will Wait On Your Wonders
… Not Wander, From Path

… May Not Know, What’s Next
May Not Know, All Why’s
I May Not Know, When
(But, In My Worst Cries …)

… I Do Know WHO
And Where To Turn To
To Ward Off Worry
And Come Off A Winner Too

… I Trust Your Work
I Trust Your Words
They, Are My Windstorm
To Walk Through This World

My Spirit Is Willing
But, Flesh Is So Weak …
Oh, I Want To Be
Whole-Souled Meek

And Should I Wobble
When I Am Weary
Don’t Let Me Waste Faith
… Please, Make Me Worthy …

… To Conquer Woes
To Whisper and Warn
Wishing All Would Trust
Your LOVE’s Warmth

… Every Waking Moment
Even Bitter Winter Days
Any Wide-Load Mountain
I Trust: You Move Weights

Any Whirlpool Problem
You’ll Whisk and Cull
Any Pop-Up Weeds
You’ll Wrestle Root and Pull

Even Thru Every War
Even If Wicked Roar
Even If “Babylon, The Great ….” (Rev.17: 5)
Whips Me, ‘Til Wounds Pour!

Look! A White, Wool-Blanket
Woven and Wrapped Soft
Is The Trust-Weave
God, Has Wrought

See! The Trust-Wreath
Of Each Willowy-Breathe
With His Golden-Wheat
I Am In Winnowed Sheaf

I Trust You, God
Every Winch- Inch
I’m Trusting You, Still
You’re My Almighty-Grip-Wrench

And To Be Your Warrior
To Wave Your Banner
“Trust God” I Wrote …
Wielding Truth’s Hammer

… I’ve Seen God’s Windows
I’ve Watched His Lights
And The Watery-Deeps
All Washes, To Write …

… Trust You God
I’m Trusting You, Still …
I Worship You, JAH
… and Always, Will …

Written & ©: 4/7/10

By: MoonBee

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