I Quit Poem by Concetta Salter

I Quit

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I wish I had amnesia. I wish I could forget.
Everyday I like myself a little less and less.
I wish I weren’t so, so shy. I wish that I could scream.
I wish I weren’t so caged in. I wish I could be free.
I wish that I could turn my back, and know that someone’s there.
I wish that I could know for sure that someone truly cares.
How can I not like myself, when once I felt such hope?
When in life did this take place? And where’d I finally choke?
I’m not the girl I used to be. I’ve heard it many times.
I can not be the girl I was. And trust me, yes I’ve tried.
I’m stuck in place. I can not move. I want to though so bad.
Just like that I’ve gone from glad, to always being sad.
Depression is to tame a word. I feel like I am dead.
I wish that I could rid the thoughts that sit inside my head.
Everyone I ever knew, is everyone who left.
every night I fall asleep, I pray for my own death.
Tossing, turning, in my bed. I do not wish to sleep.
Everything I want in life will taunt me in my dreams.
Living life alone is hard. And trust me, I would know.
I feel it deep inside myself. My heart is growing cold.
Giving up may mean I quit. But now I just don’t care.
I’d gladly throw the towel in, and not cry one more tear.

~ Jon London ~ 31 July 2009

This is beautifully yet painfully written.....that's what I like to see and feel in a poem....the power that emotion delivers onto paper and how the piece affects you...keep penning.....excellent 10++

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