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A game where people turn there backs, and trust that you don’t cheat.
A game where people do not brag, when they know they have you beat.
A game where no one gets upset, if there the one’s who lose.
A game where no one say’s that their the ones to make the rules.

There’s a love in your eyes that is hard to believe.
But still it is there, and it captivates me.
A love so, so deep it has reached to my soul.
And only with you do I feel like I’m whole.

I’m not afraid to speak my mind.
Or share my every thought.
I’m not afraid, and will not hide.
No matter what the cost.

They would laugh, they would point, they would hurt and would tease.
They would do this all, and more to me.
They would make up things that weren’t true.
They would make me look the biggest fool.

It's never been that simple; "Hey there, how are you? "
I've always been the shy girl; Eye's locked upon my shoes.
But then a bolt of lightning came crashing through my world.
And now I find I'm stronger; No longer that shy girl.

torn by a choice that should never be made.
Why must they choose between silence or hate?
Ignore all their insults or choose to fight back?
This is our world that is clearly off track.

This is what I long for;
The moments when you're near.
I hear a knock upon the door,
And go to see who's there.

I wake up bright and early.
I walk outside and look.
I look up, up into the sky.
A star shines bright. My eyes are hooked.

Beauty surrounds you.
Why hide in the dark?
They don’t see the truth.
No, they just see the scars.

Sickness, pure sickness.
It’s what I now feel.
Why did I listen?
Oh why did I deal.?

In moments like these, I don’t know what to do.
Why is it so hard to not think of you?
I’ve collected my reasons, but none are for sure.
You gave me a little, but I wanted more.

No matter how I do the math, the answers still the same.
1+0=1, and that will never change.
I lost my chance at finding love, that day I said goodbye.
Though I didn’t it know it than, I loved you more than life.


Darkness descends in the pit of my soul.
Nothing is left, but an empty black hole.
My body’s protected by armor unseen.
Keeping the light from the heart underneath.


Hollow eye’s of pure deceit.
I can’t believe you lied to me.
One day you’ll see that you were wrong.
But by that time I will be gone.

Beautiful eyes I can stare at all night.
A smile so sweet that I melt at the sight.
A voice that’s so caring, a laugh that I love.
I give you my heart and I give you my trust.

Childhood friends, growing up side by side.
Didn’t know than, all the dangers in life.
Curious children just looking for thrills.
Didn’t know than, about violence that kills.

Many have tried to revive me.
Many have tried to succeed.
I’ll give you advice, so you’ll see,
There’s no way that I could be free.

Riches and fortunes don’t matter to me.
As long as your near, than I’d sleep on the streets.
He offer’s me diamonds and silky smooth gowns.
You offer me love that is hard to be found.

So here now comes the ending,
to such a sorry tale.
I know I can't be mended.
I've lost the care to feel.

Once at the age of just five,
I sat in the closet and cried.
I just couldn't dare watch the sight,
of the ones that I love as they fight.

Concetta Salter Biography

My name is Concetta Salter. I'm 32 years old and happily married to my soulmate. It's been a whirlwind these past 5 years and right now I'm just living life day by day. Likes- .Coffee .Dragons .Reading (when I find the time) .Driving (literally anywhere. It's a stress reliever for me) .Coming home after a long day of work to the man I love.)

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A Game Of Make Believe

A game where people turn there backs, and trust that you don’t cheat.
A game where people do not brag, when they know they have you beat.
A game where no one gets upset, if there the one’s who lose.
A game where no one say’s that their the ones to make the rules.
A game where there’s no first or last, there’s only in between.
A game where people say the words there most afraid to speak.
A game where there’s no wrong or right, there only is a choice.
A game where someone really shy, could speak and hear there voice.
Perhaps this game dose not exist. Perhaps it’s hard to find.
But I guess the only thing I want, is this game to be my life.
I want to play this game someday, and for once in life let lose.
A game where no one ever lies. They only tell the truth.
A game made up of make believe, and things we want to do.
A game in which we live our life’s, and follow no one’s rules.
A game in which the strong are weak. And weak become the strong.
A game in which the ones who rule, for once do not belong.
A game where no one teases you because your playing fair.
A game where you could be yourself and no one thinks your weird.
Why can’t people be this way? Why can’t they be this game.
I know you think I’m crazy, but I really think I’m sane.
Perhaps I’ll never find this game. But I really hope I do.
Perhaps this game is just a lie. But who said make believe was true?

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Jennifer 29 April 2022

Did he tell you he molested me? I was 13! He also raped my aunt when she was 15!

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Jennifer 29 April 2022

Your "soul mate" raped me at 13 years old.

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