Concetta Salter Poems

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A Game Of Make Believe

A game where people turn there backs, and trust that you don’t cheat.
A game where people do not brag, when they know they have you beat.
A game where no one gets upset, if there the one’s who lose.
A game where no one say’s that their the ones to make the rules.

A Love So Strong

There’s a love in your eyes that is hard to believe.
But still it is there, and it captivates me.
A love so, so deep it has reached to my soul.
And only with you do I feel like I’m whole.

Being Myself

I’m not afraid to speak my mind.
Or share my every thought.
I’m not afraid, and will not hide.
No matter what the cost.


They would laugh, they would point, they would hurt and would tease.
They would do this all, and more to me.
They would make up things that weren’t true.
They would make me look the biggest fool.

Bolt Of Lightning

It's never been that simple; "Hey there, how are you? "
I've always been the shy girl; Eye's locked upon my shoes.
But then a bolt of lightning came crashing through my world.
And now I find I'm stronger; No longer that shy girl.


torn by a choice that should never be made.
Why must they choose between silence or hate?
Ignore all their insults or choose to fight back?
This is our world that is clearly off track.

Birthday Wish

This is what I long for;
The moments when you're near.
I hear a knock upon the door,
And go to see who's there.

Like A Star In Mornings Light

I wake up bright and early.
I walk outside and look.
I look up, up into the sky.
A star shines bright. My eyes are hooked.

Beauty And Beast

Beauty surrounds you.
Why hide in the dark?
They don’t see the truth.
No, they just see the scars.

Breaking Free

Sickness, pure sickness.
It’s what I now feel.
Why did I listen?
Oh why did I deal.?

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