Letting Go Poem by Concetta Salter

Letting Go

Rating: 5.0

In moments like these, I don’t know what to do.
Why is it so hard to not think of you?
I’ve collected my reasons, but none are for sure.
You gave me a little, but I wanted more.
But as quick as you came was as quick as you left.
Now all that I see is my sure fire death.
I can’t keep pretending that you will come back.
Cause I know that you wont. And I know it’s a fact.
I keep having these dreams. And I want them to stop.
I’m pretending you’re here. But I know that your not.
I wish I could tell you what lingers inside.
But than you might think that I have lost my mind.
I’m so bored without you. You took all my fun.
But I must face the facts. Cause I know that where done.
Perhaps someday soon we just might meet again.
But rite now in the present I know where not friends.
You chose your own path, and now I must choose mine.
So have a good life. I miss you. Goodbye.

Antonio Liao 02 April 2009

how can I tell you how much your poem affect my feeling....so beautiful I never know that there is you...Thank you and God bless...10

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Dislocated Heart 23 March 2009

Beautifully written... wonderful write.

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Concetta Salter

Concetta Salter

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