I Remember Of You Poem by Riccardo Mercandelli

I Remember Of You

Rating: 5.0

I do not know what should i do
'cause i still remeber you
And if i think what it could had been
I really can't stop the dream...

When i think about your brown eyes
I get wrong the colour many times
'cause i often saw them black
Shining a long way back

While we were only talking
My arms, your face was warming
Even if out it was really freezing
And by the time you were speaking
Your voice seemed so lovely true

And with the words of my songs
I saw the blues in your eyes
I saw a soft pretty smile,
Your shoulder falling back
Moving your head up to the sky

So it seemed to me
Your heart, i broke free
From all your worries...

One time i cought you all alone with silent tears,
seeing so i wished to hug away all your fears,
And now i feel i should really have done soo...

I have cried many tears and sight
Whishing to hold you tight
And i hoped that after all
Maybe you would respond to my love.

But when you found that i love you
You first turn down blue
And then you kept away
Speaking rarely in many days
Leaving only hurting words...
...I didn't know you weren't free..

And when i dream how it should had been
I wish to stop the dream
My heart is breaking 'cause you won't be mine

I do not know what should i do
I am burning blue 'cause i still remember you.

Dr Dillip K Swain 24 February 2024

I wanted to hugg away all your fears.... wonderful expression. Liked this romantic poem

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This poem is featured as the Poem of the day today, the 24 February 24. Congratulations, dear poet

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