I See Devils Poem by Randy McClave

I See Devils

I now see the devils more and more everyday
So, for everyone I will always pray,
They are here and there wherever that I look
They are the liars the cheaters and the crook.
I see them wanting to start a fight
And then screaming that they are always right,
I see them hating the color of someone's skin
And then they cause others to hate and sin.
I see them hating the needy and the poor
I see them always wanting more,
Everyday more and more devils are arriving
Upon hate, jealousy and grudging they are surviving.
I see them now carrying guns and rifles
Instead of pitchforks, when troubled with trifles,
And I see them becoming more political
When life and land and beliefs becomes critical.
I see those devils everywhere springing up
Sometimes they're drinking coffee from a cup,
And sometimes they are mocking others
Because, they have no druthers.
I hear them tell others how to live their life
And how others cause them with pain and strife,
And how everyone should always be the same
Then, who we should blame.
I hear them wanting to ban the books that we read
They want to crush the knowledge seed,
Their beliefs they want to push and instill
They want to destroy our freewill.
I see world leaders to the north and to the east
Upon the weak and the broken they want to feast,
I read and hear them treating people not well
They treat their enemies and their people like hell.
When someone is not ever up to level
Then the world will see a true inspired devil,
"True Hell is now empty, and all the devils are here"
Said William Shakespeare.

Randy L. McClave

This poem was inspired by a quote by William Shakespeare, . The poem I wrote is about the racists and the bigots, and those who believe banning books, and controlling or dictating people because they don't believe like they do.
Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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