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~**i Thought This Moment Would Last Forever**~

Rating: 5.0

shadows lept carelessly at the water's edge.
the little sun that was left fell on his hair
exposing a few highlights;
while the wind blew hard against him,
desperately trying to
caress the curves of his muscles.
his eyelashes rested peacefully
on his defined cheekbones,
hiding i pair of emerald-green eyes
that shone like the stars in sky.....

sigh...i wish this moment would last forever
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Nikunj Sharma 17 July 2009

sheer romance in there, in your sweet poem.. music through words... a sweet rhythm

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Gabi Ngubeni 14 July 2009

This is soooo dreamy...(wenzani nabafana aba- green eyed? LOL)

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Carl Harris 14 July 2009

This is a very well expressed romantic poem, Londiwe, and though there appears to be a typo in the line where you spoke of his green eyes (you have an 'i' where it looks like there should be an 'a') , I liked this appealing poem very much. Carl.

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~ Jon London ~ 14 July 2009

Wonderful imagery projects your feeling well....you captured this moment with snap-shot visuals that express your wanting in this beautifully composed piece...................keep exploring my lovely....you have a gift 10

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It will be forever in your memory. Especially now that you've written it in a place where you can come back to it. A beautiful scene for a beautiful poem. Great imagery! I love it!

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