Freshman - 505 Points (09/1965 / Australia)

I'Ve Come A Long Way Since My Death - Poem by DEEP DARK SOUL POET

It hurts, as from my lungs a breath does trickle
Making the light of the candle flicker and fickle
One last puff, and the darkness becomes complete
The warmth of the flame is now lost in the blackness deep

My ears prick to the tiniest sound
A shudder, a whisper once forgotten, now found
My skin tingles, a rush so fast
I cringe together, eyes closed; as a shadow walks past

The beat of my heart, loud in my ears
My breath slowing, empathising my fears
I hold still, unable to move
I'm gouged into a large dark groove

The touch is brief, cold against my skin
As it walks past softly brushing my shin
My breath is caught, my mouth agape
My hands moving, looking for my drape

With one solid movement, a single breath
I pull it over, a shudder of death
My eyes are wet, my hands are shaking
The touch of a stranger, almost overtaking

I curl into a ball, hands over my head
My knees buried into my chest as my eyes shed
I hear the tune of a song, the legends revealed
As I hum along, the words concealed

A soft whisper, a silent voice
Speaks in my ear of fact and choice
Turning my mind cold and my heart black
Yet I try to find the long way back

Somewhere in the distance I hear
The chatter of the shadows, making my ears sear
I extend my hand in search of the light
Yet there is nothing, nothing to my sight

I twist and turn, in search of my return
I touch something cold, but it makes my skin burn
I scream in agony, still, but my voice is lost
I hear the coin, heads or tails, it's finally tossed

My destiny has been chosen
The darkness bright, leaving me frozen
I fade away into the blackness of the day
I disappear into the shadows with nothing to say

My veil is invisible, my skin so pale
My bones brittle, my fingers frail
You might think it's just another faze
Yet I have become a shadow -it is no daze

The walls are me, I am now black
My mouth is open, the muscles slack
The time ticks by, I lose track
Now, I am here - there is no going back.

The untamed fire that now holds me
In the burning hollow of her hand,
Whispers tenderly to me
Words that no one will ever understand...

I've come a long way since I died
I burnt to death and no-one cried
Understanding meaning and questioning reason
I died so I may live forever through every season.

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