In the dark I stand alone
In the dark I think this is my home

I think of you in the dark

A broken heart speaks love in every shattered shard,
but the pieces of my heart speak out to you,
the darkness tries to invade and veil my love,
but the light of love keeps glowing hard

A waterfall of empty tears
is rushing down my stinging cheek.
A careless slap restored my fears;
my strengthened soul now wanders weak.

The sad times come to stay
There never far away
Seconds and minutes away
Hours and days away

A wishful touch, soft and tender.
Then a whisper, full of desire
A sudden gasp of sweet surrender
As passion fuels the fire

Theres a crack in the clock, a crack in time
Crack in my heart and cracks in my mind
Take me back to when it all started
So I can stop being broken hearted.

The rain started falling today, from up high
within the dark clouds embracing the sky
they swelled like honey dew,
ripe and sweet, something new.

Slow deep passionate kisses so deep, so strong
Sensual touches, flaming lips of so much desire
Tasting each inch of your body so lovingly traced
As my breath touches yours, we become together one

All alone with my thoughts, as they haunt me so,
Eyes are like rivers that hasten to flow.
Images circle me, and begin to glow,
Why must my thoughts taunt me so?

A dream within a dream,
So lonely in the winter still;
Wishes going into the air stream,
To never again to fulfil.

Coming through the dreaming and the real years
I will be the waves and you will be a strange shore
I shall roll on and on, and break upon your lap with laughter
And no one in the world will know where we both are.

Love has passed me by again
Left me sitting in puddles of pain
Inside so close to you
Exterior so far away as two

Of your gentle beauty I will speak,
Because your beauty is so unique!

Your beauty throughout,

The ladder slung over the doorway
The mirror about to break
Black cats on my driveway
By my door garlic and a wooden steak

In the quietness of the dawn,
There is silence across the lawn,

The lonely Cherry Blossom tree,
Lets the last of the flowers free,

As the sun goes down on my spirit
The darkened sky rises black above it
Clouds of infinite destinies begin to cry
Not knowing of any reason why.

The waves are splashing against the cloud mountains
I stop and listen as I take a drink from life's fountain.

The clouds roll in on me so heavily

I look out in my garden of celestial dreams
And I discover things don't exist as it seems
I reach out for what isn't really there
Stretching out much further than I ever dare

A silence comes within me, tall,
When with darkness I again fall;
A shadow creeping softly stays,
And shows its vision in many ways.

I sit and watch a rose shed delicate tears
Dazzling crystal droplets falling from the petals
Shimmering facets against the sun light
Rainbow colours grace the glow, beauty with sadness


My name is Damien, I am a night shift worker and live and feel the dark...)


In The Dark...

In the dark I stand alone
In the dark I think this is my home

I think of you in the dark
I think of our possible love in the dark

I believe in you to lead me to the dark light
So here I am in the dark as I await

In the dark I stand alone

For every tear I shed, you take a piece of light
With every piece of light you own my soul

I love this, but will you ever return my love

In the dark I stand alone

Even the hurt can not keep me away
I still fight to be in you veins

In the dark I stand alone
In the dark I think of you as home


excellent poems. you are great in explaining your feels. i invite you to read my poem

18 13 Reply
Chantelle Price 23 September 2015

Hi I love your poems because they inspire me to tell the world about people suffering

21 8 Reply
Richard Beevor 08 May 2014

Hi, loved A crack in time, brilliant work

17 12 Reply
Rose Sha 15 February 2018

Who are you

5 11 Reply
kaylee 21 February 2018

The blind may always be blind. but please dont blame them for the can not understand.

10 5 Reply
Víctor 16 April 2020

Excellent poem transcends at this time. Goodbye.

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Titus Senior 26 February 2019

The poems are very much inspiring. Go deep and I will always read your poems.

4 0 Reply
mr. epic 18 January 2019

Not gonna lie most of the stuff is cringe

8 5 Reply
Mitsugi 14 January 2019

I love your poems so much. I always come to them when I need inspiration for art or writing songs.

3 1 Reply
Anna1 06 September 2018

I'm so in love, you are so good!

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