I Want To... Poem by beibee beibee

I Want To...

i want to
to be there in darkest alley
when your face looks sully
for there seems nowhere to hurry...
look at this face that shines
in sheer resplendence before you

i want to
to be there when your inspiration
on your graduation and elevation
brings jubilation and celebration
so look at this face and keep it
in the memory book of your heart...

i want to
to be there when the world's best
are gathered to shake hands with you
for your vision, devotion and contribution
when you fashion your words in the garb
of rainbow
when you fashion your lines in the lyrics
of hit-songs...

i want to
be there to hug you and immerse you
into my soul...alter ipse amicus
only you burn like a fire unburnt...
only you can carry coals on the bosom
without suffering a burn...

i want to
be there to share with you
i want to
be there to cheer with you
i want to
be there care with you
i want to...

in the bunch of misses
that will herald your going
i shall keep this loving lines
we together have amassed...

i want to
i want to sing sting string...

beibee beibee

beibee beibee

Island Maternity Lagos, Nigeria
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