I Was Done Wrong Poem by Randy McClave

I Was Done Wrong

I believe all women are liars
They all enjoy manipulating our desires,
I trusted one time to many
Now with faith and belief there isn't any.
I still remember the hurt and the pain
And that memory is burnt forever into my brain,
I remember all that was done to me
After I gave a woman my soul's key.

All woman are indeed the same
They all enjoy to lie and blame,
And they will always leave by a different path
And behind they will leave destruction with a laugh.
I will not be used or hurt any more
Love I will no longer search for,
I am just so tired of the games, the lies and the gaul
After I gave a woman my all.

I was done so very wrong
Which was inflicted on me for so very long,
Now in woman I see no honesty or trust
My heart has turned to dust.
A woman I cannot now ever believe
I now know all they do is lie and deceive,
Because of that one woman that I knew
The one unto whom I said, "I Love You".

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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