I Was Watching You Poem by Plabita Bhaskar

I Was Watching You

When you were sitting alone
Your mind unrest
Lines strewn hard on thy forehead
Crystalline droplets your eyes that shed
Together in tune my heart did bled
I know you trembled, you feared, despaired,
You weren't alone
For I was there, watching you.

Yours palms so clasped in prayful tears
That rack you ensembled your pain in layers.
Those grave heavy breathe you helplessly sighed
That smile you had worn to discreetly hide.
I know you trembled, you feared, despaired.
You weren't alone
I was still watching you.

How in agony you silently brawled,
The pint of happiness you toiled to fall.
Your voiceless screams,
That every crushed dream.
When you lowered your head
and drenched in pain.
You weren't alone Mum...
Strangled to defeat
My heart was trembling too
I know your soul
Your dreams behold
You weren't ached alone
For I was always there watching you...

Thursday, March 16, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: mother daughter,hardships
Nidhi Agrawal 04 August 2017

A touching and emotional poem. Every daughter can relate to this poem.

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Kishore Kumar Das 30 March 2017

A mother really understands her daughter and vice versa. You have watched the agonies and sufferings of your mother...that will payback the requisite experience to you in your future.....anyway lovely observations in touchy lines by you..

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Plabita Bhaskar 27 March 2017

Thanks for the kind words @Jazib Kamalvi.

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Jazib Kamalvi 27 March 2017

Very well said. Thanks for sharing.

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