I Weep For My Country Poem by Tony Adah

I Weep For My Country

My eyes overflow with tears
And I am weeping bitterly
Night and day
Not that I have lost a dear one
I weep for my brothers
As I weep for my country.

My brothers who mock me
Who taunt me that
I went on a hunting expedition
Where an elephant was slaughtered
And I didn't bring home
Even the the bloodstains of the giant game
To show that I was part of the expedition.

Yes the elephant was killed
In government house in Calabar
And I had the mandate to share
It to the people
Should I have stolen some
To brandish my manliness
In my community?

I weep bitterly
For the ignorance of my brothers
And my countrymen
I weep for their greed
And I weep for their corruption.
These days the filthiness of society
Is exalted in my home.

Robbers float on the euphoria
Of their stolen wealth
And my brothers rejoice
Over the splendour of this loot
I have been scorned
And I am frightened to my shell
For being who I am
Robbers have triumphed
And I'm conquered in the eyes
Of my brothers.

For detesting stealing
I am mocked
I am scorned
I am taunted
And I am weeping bitterly
Night and day
Weeping bitterly
For the robbers of my country
And the day of reckoning
Sure as the rising sun is here.

Jennifer Bates 09 April 2020

Apropos of today in our country. The thieves of the dictatorship have stolen our country right under the noses of our citizens, who let the election of Donald Trump stand! !

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Tony Adah 25 August 2022

This poem was written in 2015 but things are worst today. Thanks kindly for reading through here.

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Kelly Kurt 02 May 2015

A haunting poem, Tony. Thanks for sharing. I weep for the world. Peace

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