I Wish... Poem by lilly mandrell

I Wish...

Rating: 3.3

I wish I could say I hate you.
And mean it even half the time.
But for now I'll just say I love you.
Because thats how I really feel.

I wish I could just block you from my mind.
And not think of you all the time.
But for now I'm going to talk to you.
Because you can make me happy.

And I wish I didn’t write every poem about you.
And for get that you were what you were to me.
But for now I'm going to write you another.
Because I need you to tell me everything is ok.

And I hate that I'm writing this as I'm talking to you.
And I cant just let go, know it well never be.
But I for some odd reason wont forget.
Even when I know you have...

Blaine Mccanless 31 January 2008

wow this is very nice i can feel the emotions bleeding from the page

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Marci Made 27 June 2007

This is a beautiful expression of emotion....I enjoyed reading this, it shows someone who is pouring their heart out and I can certainly relate to that... well done lilly and totally different from mine of the same title.....marci. :)

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