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lilly mandrell Poems

1. Off My Lips And Out Of My Mind. 6/20/2007
2. You (Scroued Up & Messed Up.) 12/24/2007
3. There For Me? 12/24/2007
4. The One And Only (Twisted…) 12/24/2007
5. Wind... 1/13/2008
6. My Grandpa Shorty. 2/20/2008
7. My Wifee... 2/9/2008
8. Dare To Be You. 2/16/2008
9. First Look. 4/10/2008
10. Aggravation Wrote This. 4/27/2008
11. Just Tell Me That Im All Right. 6/7/2008
12. A Plea To The One I Love. 6/30/2008
13. Living In A Nightmare. 7/9/2008
14. Pretty Girls Aint Smart. 8/13/2008
15. The End Of Summer. 9/11/2008
16. First Tears From An Old Love. 12/12/2008
17. Dear Johnny 5/26/2008
18. To Many And Not The Right Ones 12/16/2008
19. Holding My Own Hand. 12/22/2008
20. Little Red Heart 1/12/2009
21. Will Someone Hold My Hair? 3/7/2009
22. Obduction 4/8/2009
23. The Prodigal Son 4/16/2009
24. Tree House 12/17/2007
25. To My Little Sister... 1/24/2009
26. Confusion. 6/2/2008
27. Im Sorry. 3/30/2007
28. Change 2/4/2007
29. Me (Rebel) 2/4/2007
30. In My Mind 2/4/2007
31. Brand New Baby. 3/12/2008
32. The Coolest Place Ever. 2/11/2009
33. In The Mind Of A Poet. 2/16/2008
34. This House Is A Home 4/16/2009
35. Hello/Goodbye. 3/14/2008
36. _ _ _ _ (Fore Little Letters) 1/13/2008
37. When None Will Know 2/22/2007
38. Are You Ok? 11/27/2007
39. The End Is Near. 2/4/2007
40. Summer 3/30/2007
Best Poem of lilly mandrell

Could I Be Emo?

So what?
So what if I
Like eyeliner, loud music and black clothes?
Am I emo?

So what?
So what if I
Love stars, ballet slippers, and skinny jeans?
Am I emo?

So what?
So what if I
Have funky hair, baby clips, and orange nails?
Am I emo?

So what?
So what if I
Cry a lot, write poetry, and sit alone in the dark?
Am I emo?

So what?
So what if I
Like plaid, going to shows, and bug eyed glasses?
Am I emo?

No I’m not emo.
What the fluff is emo?
A three letter word that means so much
But nothing ...

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What You Did To Me.

Images, thoughts, feelings of you run through my head
I cant forget what you said.
I want to scream out with frustration and anger
This feeling keeps getting stranger and stranger.

You were the reason I lived now your the reason of my self harm.
The things you said were so full of love and charm.

All I hear now is the sound of my crying myself to sleep.

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