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I Wrote Your Name

Rating: 3.3

I wrote your name on my hand, but was washed away in the shower...
I wrote your name with bricks, but was destroyed with brute force and power...
I wrote your name on my window, but was smashed with a stone...
I wrote your name on my house, but now have moved home...
I wrote your name on a card, but was lost in the street...
I wrote your name in a song, but didn't have a beat...
I wrote your name on a piece of paper, but was blown away...
So i wrote your name in my heart, and thats where it shall stay =]

Bonnie Collins 24 November 2008

This is trully sweet, tenderly written, and with alot of wisdom, as it doesnt matter where your love is expressed, as long as you have it in your heart, THAT my friend will stay a lifetime.... Very good indeed... Bonnie

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Dian Hayati 24 November 2008

and so.. 'I wrote your name in my Member List, and would not be deleted! ' hahahhaha Love ths poem much, much, much, much!

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Tai Chi Italy 24 November 2008

Safest place for it, after all it is yours to keep there. Sweetly romantic muse you have right now, hope it lasts. Smiling up the wooden stairs to bedfordshire, Tai

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so sweet..... Great write Krista

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