P.R. Prosper

If I Could... - Poem by P.R. Prosper

If I could
Spit 1 word or 1 verse to dispel and disperse
All this hurt that they blurt
When I’m told my life’s only worth
When it’s inside a hearse
And they curse till I curse all my days on this earth
I’m just 1 more black sheep in the herd
Unable to soar like a high flying bird
Not a gift from above like I was during birth
Instead I am put and made equal with dirt
That belongs to nothing inside this universe

Nowhere to immerse in the darkness of space
I belong to no race
And so daily disgrace is 3 courses a day
On a plate that a dog won’t use to defecate
But if I should break the saucer they say
I’m a menace to order and must be put away

Or they smile with a feign and the laughs real fake
Throw some on my clothes
And the rest on my face
Till I resemble a building defaced
As something
Put there to place all their fears and their hate
Are blind dates who berate and mistake
Every topic except discriminate

I am part of the state
Like I’m part yesterday, half dead half awake
Only needed to incriminate
Every last starving crook that’s on minimum wage
While the saints trick and trade and take castles away
Sway and play under investigate
And somehow it’s my fault my paycheck is late
So evacuate please by the end of the day

Back to the blocks like babies and tots
Wipe my nose of the snot
It’s so cold
But somehow the streets are so hot
Never stop
Second hand on a watch tick tock and the plots
Draw me into this boiling pot
Stir me round

Till my head is so tied up in knots
I can’t tell where is what and wrong what is not
My new home is a spot near a new parking lot
In an alley
With my blanket, my carriage, my new TV box
Hard liquor and schnapps make my brain
Fizz and pop
My teeth start to rot and my heart barely trots
The pain hits my bones
Like the waves on a dock
Back and forth do I rock to break out of this lock
Someday it’ll stop

And I’ll finish the scene
U and I unity
As a part of a team
Not as a disease that needs quarantine
In the same alphabet like
MLK’s wish won’t be just a dream
But a slice of daily life in reality
And we’ll all join together like all 7 seas
Like all 4 seasons with different degrees
With the same goal in common in different countries
Working hard to breathe in and out
With some sort of relief

Instead of deceive to reach personal means
To grieve and bereave and cry on the knees
Sing up to the clouds like the birds and the bees
No need
For begging and pleads and letters of peace
Connected in life till death we decease

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Poem Edited: Friday, October 10, 2008

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