If I Had A First Aid Kit That Could Make Me Feel Better, What Would Be In It? Poem by Thomas McKelvey

If I Had A First Aid Kit That Could Make Me Feel Better, What Would Be In It?

Congratulations on purchasing your Soul First Aid Kit. While this kit is useful in emergencies, don't use this as a replacement for definitive care from a trained professional caregiver.
In case of emergency, seek professional help.

Included in this kit are necessities for survival of the soul on a daily basis, however, these are provided as a supplement and are not intended to replace your soul's regular source of daily needs. Please find that this kit includes:

100 Hugs, Platonic.
50 Hugs, Romantic.
25 Kisses, Platonic.
25 Kisses, Romantic.
25 Back Scratches.
25 Shoulder Massages.
25 Holding hands, Platonic.
25 Holding Hands, Romantic.
100 Daily Affirmations.
50 Self Doubt Removal Swabs.
50 Negative Self Talk Removal Swabs.
50 Mindfulness Exercises.
50 Grounding Reminders
50 Holding You In This Present Moment Binders.
100 Self Forgiveness Pads.
50 Selfless Acts of Service (Given Externally to Someone Else Who Really Needs It)
50 Actively Listening Moments.
100 Acts of Compassion.
100 Moments of Sharing the Beauty of Silence with Someone Who Gets You.
100 Moments of Open Communication.
100 Tinctures of Vulnerability (to be shared with a trusted friend or your therapist) .

While the included items are numerous, this is not an exhaustive collection, and individual users may require additional resources, but that's o.k., our kit provides you enough space to expand it with your additional, individual needs.

All items are inspected and tested for the highest quality, to provide you and your loved ones with a lifetime of support in your times of need. For questions, comments or support, please contact us at:
Your Own Heart,
We're All Connected,
The Universe.

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