If I Had Loved With My Heart Along Poem by Michael Eziudo

If I Had Loved With My Heart Along

If I had loved with my heart along
I would have long been a victim of never mending heart
If I had followed the trails you left too
The sockets of my eyes would have lost its oceans of
tears that wait to pour upon the cries for joyful
Searching your bag and secret cupboards would be a
conscious suicide to a heart that wants to live for you
so I play plain

If I had loved with my heart along
The sad news of your flirtatiousness would mold a
lump of hatred for your specie in my simple mind
Taking away the venture and splendor of true love from
my bank of knowledge
Where I would be left to brood that everything that goes
in skirt acts like
Forgetting the love showered by a mother from my
cradle bed and my teacher from my infant light

If I had loved with my heart along
I would hate love for the hate that kills your love
I would hold back from giving making stinginess live
within me along with her basket of poverty
For all I gave you was all received in deceit
And I felt like a fool in my wisdom of giving
But I hadn't loved with my heart along
For trust comes first and love is learnt and built upon
which the heart enshelters
And your ways from the first dawn was snake bent in its
And I did a good work of a watcher man, your supposed

Trust me not as I now do thee not trust
For you and I go guilt of same offence
You are flirtatious and I unfaithful
Haven told you I loved you while I only learnt you
And today my knowledge of you parts us
A pointer to all men who ventures the way I went
Watch before you leap

Sunday, February 7, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: love,romance,betrayal
Michael Eziudo

Michael Eziudo

Benin City, Nigeria
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