If I Had To Do It All Again Poem by Juan Olivarez

If I Had To Do It All Again

Rating: 5.0

If I had to do it all again,
I'd take the joy, and yes the pain.
I'd take the sunshine and the rain,
Until my life at last did wane.

If I had to do it one more time,
I'd still be seeking warmer climes.
And I'd still be a man of rhymes,
Though what I write ain't worth a dime.

And I'd still want you by my side,
I'd have my ticket for that ride.
And once again through life we'd glide,
If me, once more, you could abide.

2/12/11 Alton Texas

Smoky Hoss 13 February 2011

Juan, you're correct, what you write is not worth a mere dime, it IS worth far MORE than any amount of money will ever truly be worth! This is a moving piece, very well. A great write about what makes life good, and gives it true worth.

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Wendy Thopliss 13 February 2011

Juan this is a really nice poem, I agree that although life is not all plain sailing i would get my ticket and do it all again. really enjoyed this poem, 10. Wendy.x

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