If I Loved Poem by Kevin Hulme

If I Loved

If I loved:
I'd love with the vehemence of a Summer sky,
The seismic shift of the unsettled Earth.
The turbulent temper of the Maddening sea,
And a Million Stars at the Cry of their birth.
I'd love like the dawn that's waiting beyond,
And ready to cast away night.
That clarion call to burnish all day,
And Blazing the land with its Radiant light.
I'd love like the trees in the Throes of a Storm,
Niagara as it Roars to the mist.
The Thunder and Flash of the Lightning strike,
And the Virginal sigh of a intimate kiss.
I'd love like the Explosion as the baton descends,
With the music unwrapped to its height.
The Colour and Shock of the Impressionist eye,
As the canvas Vibrates into Chaos and light.
I'd love like the Poets with their lofty Romance,
Gilt lines in all forms to astound.
The Blood and the Sinew of all words to enhance,
A Proclamation in Verse of a yearning unbound.
This love I would serve in a instant,
And pledge all by a Hundred and more.
But such is the pain of devotion,
For her love to another by Heaven she swore.

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