Mea Culpa, My Dear. Poem by Kevin Hulme

Mea Culpa, My Dear.

Rating: 5.0

Just a few lines to clear the air, from your eraser of prospects and dreams. Since the annulment now is pending in court from a marriage that's torn at the seams, I'll assume she was ecstatically happy, when divorce was breathed to your Mum, I was never the one for her best ' Blue Eyed Girl', that rinsed haired Attila the Hun. No Prius parked in the driveway or Audi with performance to trust, for we both traveled so, Waiting for ' Godot' to show, that which is known as the Regional Bus. No holidays to Mauritius or Bali, Ibiza, Malta, Hong Kong, for we pitched up our tent where we usually went, in a field near the Scenic A1. Once hope was a thing with feathers, now our lives a ever widening gulf, with shades of 'Taylor and Burton' and the script of 'Virginia Woolf'. Oh I was never the Worlds Greatest Lover, No fine romance had ever been payed, no 'Savile Row Suits or style 'Al La Mode' my choice look was more 'Christian Aid'. So it's Mea Culpa my dear, I was never your true 'Mister Right', the engagement the Montgolfier wonder, the Marriage The Hindenburg flight. Then forgive me so for I have sinned, for saying ' I Do ' to the chaste Miss Lynd. And should I die before I wake, it's just desserts for my mistake.

Basically it's a man confessing that he made a mistake. The marriage didn't work because of himself. Nothing to do with his Wife. Maybe not Marriage Material.
Jalal Sunstrum 17 December 2022

Wow Kevin, you blew me away here. I'm a true fan.

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Kim Barney 20 September 2022

Very nice, and I love the picture. I thought the poet's note was unnecessary as the poem was self-explanatory.

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