*if I Were To Tell Him, This Is How I’d Do It Poem by Jane Meyer

*if I Were To Tell Him, This Is How I’d Do It

Rating: 2.6

<font color=darkviolet>“There’s something I want to tell you,
and I’ve been waiting to do it in person.
So I think I should say it now,
‘ case things between us should ever worsen.

Well, you see, I…
*sigh* I just don’t know where to start.
I guess first you should know,
you have a special place in my heart.

And not just as a friend,
‘cause, to me, you’re so much more!
I really thought it would be obvious,
always seemed my hiding was pretty poor.

You filled my every spare thought,
and even some I couldn’t spare.
And I remember every thing you’ve said,
though it isn’t written anywhere.

Whenever the phone would ring,
my heart would quicken its pace.
I would hope that it was you,
but knew it was disappointment I would face.

I’ve waited for months to hear your voice,
and for <i>three years</i> to look at you.
And I think now I the courage,
to finally say, I love you.”

HaZeM PaKKaR 20 August 2009

he is so unlucky if he doesn't read this poem.. true feelings desrve to be shared.. another poem with well chosen words.. thanks truly for sharing! !

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