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how sweet your kiss is..
how tender your touch is..
how warm your hug is..
how soft your voice is..


i am not a ball
don't kick me..

i am not a fish

so many drafts..
words, lines, pages, books, papers & penciles..
just to write one little poem..
and now i have a clear conclusion:

Dear mom & dad..
Dear bro & sis..
Dear friends..
Dear all..

i Google for your love...
guess what? ! ...
'' No Results Were Found ''...
maybe i couldn't spell your love correctly...

PURPLE color..
PURPLE touch..
PURPLE look..
PURPLE line..

what i feel the most? ! ..

i wrote:
There is a sign on this page..
A sign that can't be missed..
Only you can get it by yourOWNself..

on my planet of POETRY..
joyful colors are all around me..
here i can feel who really i am..

*** Best
*** *** Thing
*** *** *** About

The whole book,
any book,
every book,
has just one single line.

so many times i've done mistakes..
all these mistakes lead me to admit:
GOD, you have been so merciful to me but i still don't learn easily..
so let me make fewer mistakes & learn faster..


i don't need you..
i just need to cry..

those who have no heart,

I live on Plato..
No pepsi, No donuts..

I live on Neptune..

Nothing to feel..
............. to describe..
............. to dream of..
............. to share with..

i lost my key to heaven
i used to smile each time
i look at the sky
now i've this cold shiver

while writing these lines..
i got nervouse..
hitting keyboard doesn't lead to anywhere..
what is the thing that i can't follow? ! ..

i keep my hands in my pockets..
my heart is beating delightfully..
i am wandering and never feeling stranger..
alone by myself but feeling amused..

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I Keep My Hands In My Pockets.. My Heart Is Beating Delightfully.. I Am Wandering And Never Feeling Stranger.. Alone By Myself But Feeling Amused.. Walking On My Own Way.. Am I Going So Far? ! .. Or Maybe I Am Getting Closer? ! .. ______________________________________________________________________________ *** a poem written by Egyptien poet: Salah Jahien, translated by Me ***)

The Best Poem Of HaZeM PaKKaR

I Can'T Tell You How ...........

how sweet your kiss is..
how tender your touch is..
how warm your hug is..
how soft your voice is..
how shinny your smile is..
how delicate your body is..
how dark your hair is..

& i can't tell you how much you mean everything to me! !

*** your comments will be a fortune to me, thanks truly ***

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