If Men Were Dogs Poem by BELLO BIDEMI

If Men Were Dogs

If men were dogs
Indeed you'd be at peace and free
Be sure of true loyal friends
And a world missing of heartbreak or grief

If men were dogs
Orderliness would be societal norm
Be sure of respect to authorities of state
And total obedience to laws of the land

If men were dogs
Selflessness and affection would trend the day
Still, shall Smith sleep sick and sad?
Everyone would sure be at heart

If men were dogs
Racism or segregation would cease
Every class and race would really mean
Just as to the creature so blessed and dear

If men were dogs
Indeed you'd find an active fellow
To relieve you of loneliness or stress
You would play mild and wild

If men were dogs
Anxiety or depression would dare not thrive
The best companion would be by you
You'd be full of life and glee

If men were dogs
More medals would be won
Honour for meritorious service rendered
In wellness or defence, just to name a few

If men were dogs
Our beauty would be over the moon
Indeed angels would walk the earth
For the world would be paradise

Inspired By My Dog — SNOW

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