If You Don'T, Me And You Will Be Forever Through

You've pushed me away,
thats why I won't stay,
you had your chance,
theirs no more romance,
it's not all my fault,
you have done a assalt,
I thought maybe you would change,
but you've been acting more strange,
I know I can't change you,
theirs nothing I could do,
you are who you are,
and now my heart has a scar,
you never took the time to respect me,
but now im free,
I don't have to put up with anymore,
I've had enough,
I've walked out the door,
you would never understand,
I know this wasn't planned,
I do still love you,
but now i'm through,
I won't ever forget are times,
its going to be made all into rhymes,
over two years gone,
I did try to be strong,
I just wasn't happy,
alot of times you made me feel crappie,
and you never realized,
for you I did once idealized,
but now its all down the drain,
i'm done with the pain,
maybe someday you will get me back,
but thats when you stop making my life black,
which I don't know if you will ever do,
if you wont then me and you will forever be through.