If You Love Me Let Me Go

Rating: 4.8

When I heard your voice today, there was a dampness in my eye
your voice so softly spoken, un-bitter and almost shy
after all the hurt I have inflicted, your words still full of care
after all the pain you've dealt with, those qualities are very rare...

You have been badly hurt, and your life completely torn apart
still your words so soft and gentle, truly from the heart
and for that eternal moment, I thought of nothing more
except the day I packed my bag and walked out through that door...

The thoughts now abound that maybe I am wrong
that maybe its with you I need to be, its where I truly belong
have I travelled down this road to far, is it possible to go back
or are my emotions getting the better of me, am I about to crack...

The head it says stick to your guns, you have dwelt on it far to long
but my heart is contradicting me, its singing a different song
it tells me I need to see you, to see that smiling face
not the twisted memory I left behind, the one I cant erase...

I thought I was on an even keel, any tears already spilt
but the happiness I thought I had, has been replaced by ugly guilt
the truth is im hurting you, and you must be very low
but the truth for you must be, if you love me let me go...

Pradeep Dhavakumar 31 July 2006

Good poem Padraig. Liked this one. Thank you.

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Fallen Hope 88 31 July 2006

if you dont love someone the way they love you let them know and let them go, if you dont itll cause more damage in the end

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