Suicidal Morgue Poem by reina Lorenzo

Suicidal Morgue

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05/11/05 rum..

I am the center of the circle you built
And you are my every side
But within this circle, I lost my shape
While you,
Enjoy watching me dancing in your palm.

I choose this suicidal morgue,
Where my deepest-me was burned
Though I couldn’t scream, eating my tears away.

Don’t you recognize!

Watch me as I am
How myself dance, begging you to please dance for me too.
Listen to my tears, read each every drop
I don’t know what it shape like but
Feel it.

I was dancing through this circle
Where I slowly lost my parts
You are my killer, you are my killer
My suicidal morgue.

Marvin Brato 04 December 2008

R eading through it e very stanza captivates i nflecting true emotions n on can ever repulse a nd could believe till death!

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Min Sia 04 December 2008

Powerful emotions flowing through the words... You have made your suicidal morgue within his palms... Beautiful..captivating... I have a poem..MY different perspective with yours..with mine..suicide because of his death..hope you'll like.. Love this poem...

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Fiona Davidson 04 December 2008

Deep well written words Reina...thank you

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