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You drove me to this
To compromise myself
I never loved you
You never owned me
My spirit is forever mine and free
Wish you could understand that
About me
Your ignorance will forever drive me
Closer to the edge
Will you ever listen to me
Listen to yourself
You pitiful excuses
You pretend to understand
The emotion inside yourself
I know it's a lie
A whirlwind of ignorance
They say it is bliss
That is what I thought
Till I met you
Stop trying to explain!
Look what you made me do, I'm still better than you
But not I'm free from your hold on me free to
Say go your own way
Find yourself in your own distress
You're the reason you're in this mess
I found a way to carry on
Strength to be gone
Still you don't know the meaning of
The things I say to you
Well this is the reason you'll never carry through
I'm moving on you're still waiting for something,
To change you
It takes more then your strength for you to carry on
Still I don't care anymore
After all the things you put me through
All that's left for me is memories of you.

This has a new dedication to the friend who destroyed my life. It is true after her all that's left is memories of her.

dissatified exmember 15 February 2005

Whew! the power of being able to say those words to someone who always blames someone else for their failures. We are our own people. This poems expresses it very well. (Good on yer girl) ..Australian expression for great. Hugs Jan

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Jen Starr 12 January 2005

I like your poem 'Ignorance'. It does sound like we've been going through very similar things. But doesn't it feel great when you can get it out through poetry?

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