Behind The Face

Rating: 3.8

Accused of vanity
I suggest accursed with vanity
Vanity fed by all the toys
all the presents from the uptown boys
Put on constant display
I see more pain then bliss
Staring in the mirror
I begin to hate the cursed face
behind it lies the secrets subtly told
Objectified by myself
loved by those who fail to understand
the intentions of the cursed face
the hatred I deserve for no reason at all
other then the hatred I have for myself
filled with moments that time cannot erase
the worst curse of all
that maybe it matters to no one at all...

Jodi Right 31 March 2005

Your peom is beautiful. I was very saddened with how you talked about it as your own experience in life and i can relate. I love how you have involved the way you think about who peoples thoguhts towards you. The ryhmes were subtle but affective. I liked it! Vanity is a sin and you have broadend that with your experience of it! Good un!

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dissatified exmember 15 February 2005

To hate for no reason at all, would be the sadest thing. Knowing that to reason is simply to try to make something positive out of something one does not understand. To live in fear and to be treated like dirt, controlled and manipulated. No reasons to hate, but one would. There is never enough reason to hate. For when we do, we only bring the pain on ourselves. I like this poem very much. Hugs Jan

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Poetry Hound 07 February 2005

Very interesting piece. Not sure I get it completely. Why would you deserve hat for no reason at all?

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