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Cruel friend
Trust built on lies
Holding on to the wound
That will never heal

Bound by my will
Sacrificed by my dream
I kneel before you
Hoping some day I can repay

You drove me to this
To compromise myself
I never loved you
You never owned me

Accused of vanity
I suggest accursed with vanity
Vanity fed by all the toys
all the presents from the uptown boys

Give Birth
Give Command
Give Strength
To the power of creation


The assault of the lips
filled with potential
electric shock
wet bliss

Like two peas in a pod,
Two birds to a feather.
This is the path where lovers meet.


Put an end to this pain.

Put an end to my reign,


With the passing of time I no longer see through your eyes
Blindness shields me
Truth blinded by perspective
Love the only human power


With the continuation of my dream
With the expansion of my life
Light brought before me
I vow to change this all


The strength and beauty of her petals
Is overwhelming
Yet even she will die
Her beauty never fades,

Hurt by a notion in the mist
Jaded by the former bliss
Dreaming of all we used to be
Memories of being free

Restless heart
Forces unseen
Navigate every dream
Devotion to what I want to be

What sheer delight is this?
Knowing that I love thee, feeling that you love me
Pain has come to an end as I look in the eyes that see only me
Stars and light cease as I see thee tonight

Don’t have expectations
And you won’t be disappointed
Don’t love
And you can’t be loved

A childhood ended
A new one about to begin
but is she ready to release what is no longer hers to keep
rendered helpless by what is inside of her

Innocent ideals of a child,
Vague impressions of the young,
Painful realization of life
We are all innocent,


I saw the mountains,
They seem so strong,
Our fragile existence,
Is defined by the stone,

just breathe
every breath we take another gift
another moment for us to enjoy

Penetration without permission
and they call it submission
tear me open and pour out the oblivion of my life
make me cry but if you do please make me die

Agata Konopka Biography

I am a hopeless dreamer and romantic although the former is more obvious, as it is contained in many of my poems. My poems are mostly reflections of my life, the struggles of adolescence, as well as my desperate confusion as to my thoughts on Catholicism, which is a large part of Polish culture. They are all dedicated to my best friend who I will always miss and love although my life goes on. IF ever she happen to glance upon my words after years of sepereation, I hope they offer her some consolation.)

The Best Poem Of Agata Konopka

The Power Of Good-Bye

Cruel friend
Trust built on lies
Holding on to the wound
That will never heal
Beyond repair
Upon the betrayal of a friend.

I only have the strength
For one last word;
Good-bye to sleepless nights
Helplessness in your arms
To a lifetime of your dreams
Power of your screams
There is no strength left in me to fight
Pick your battles
Because you already lost this one
How can I be your friend?
When all that’s left is the strength to say

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Andrew Jones 09 January 2005

Keep writing, your stuff is loud and full of emotion. It can break through to people if you let it. Good work out of you.

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