I'm From The Country Poem by Jon M. Nelson

I'm From The Country

I may be from the north, but I have a southern charm,
I grew up in the country, but it wasn't on a farm.
I'd rather drive a pickup truck than a limousine,
Instead of the city, I'd rather be where it's green.

I love Country Music, but I like to rock and roll,
And I can feel the rhythm deep down in my soul.
I prefer to eat Fried Okra over that fancy Caviar,
And I don't mind drinking out of a Mason Jar.

I'm a country boy all the way down to my roots,
And you can see it as I wear my cowboy boots.
I'd rather be way out in the wide-open spaces,
Instead of in the city in those crowded places.

I know my manners and say 'please' and 'thank you'
And I'll tip my hat as I say, 'How do you do? '
I try to avoid the hustle of traffic and cars,
I'll listen to nature and sleep under the stars.

I don't like tall buildings I'd rather have a yard,
Don't think I'm lazy I'm not afraid of working hard.
I can't stand pollution I like breathing fresh air,
I can help a neighbor out, I'm not ashamed to share.

I like to move my feet when I get on the dance floor,
And as a gentleman, for the lady I'll hold the door.
I will proudly salute the red, white, and blue.
And remember those who died for me and you.

I'll always remember the way that I was raised,
And not be embarrassed by my country ways.
You'll see that I am as proud as I can be,
To stand up and say that I'm from the country.

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