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I see her face in strangers as they pass
A silhouette, a turn of hand
Momentarily a pause confusing time
Whilst hope is captured yet again
By reason, which denouncing joy
Chides me as absurd.

The softly haloed light on that girl's hair
Comes from the source which once drew down
On another child of life and I
She and her lover smile together
Turn, and then look each for one other
Deep into the others eyes.

It wasn’t long before she obeyed the call
Time enough to change
The life of one who has to wait
The mind says fool yet untrammelled spirit
Searches on.

Nightly still we walk the path
A gentler light along the way
Now dawn sees her fade and I depart
Together with the silver trail
Which must endure for now
More days.


I see her face in strangers as they pass A silhouette, a turn of hand... we are strangers in this world and even donot self also... strange is it? very good write with deep thoughts.... read mine my friend in mirror, , , inflamed mind, , butterflies around

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Ron Flowers 13 May 2009

A very enjoyable read, Thomas.

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Kesav Easwaran 11 May 2008

a very good image here...a poem that will last long in your mind...congrats, thomas!

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Thomas Golding

Thomas Golding

Lower Hutt. Wellington. New Zealand
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