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Rating: 4.5

They stem from That Patos Orchard, From my old school, From our alleys, From my house, From all my schools, From my college, From those countries I lived in or Those I paid a visit to them, From all those images that were In-between my birth and up to this moment... I have seen a lot of images Good or bad... From that image of the rock of suicide To that image that I keep in my mind... There have been a lot images that depict My whole life... Dreams, visions, pains, sufferings, sicknesses, Travels, happiness, sadness, ..........., .........., etc. The whole life is merely a few seconds of Happiness and sadness mixed With all kinds of sufferings and pains... I came by and through many people... I have seen a lot of wars and a lot of tortures Concerning human beings... I have read a lot of books about a lot of things.... I did travel by land, by sea, and by air To different destinations To be or not to be... Broken and sad dreams were roads in my life, but I am still behind pretty visions... It's not easy for me to give up... I never give up... I will not give up... My fate will in God's hand, so I will keep looking for what is pretty pretty and What is worthy in life... There will be a lot of coming images... I will have to live all my coming days Sadly or happily, Worthily or not worthy, It's a life that must be lived with all of its successive images... ______________________________________________________________________

Friday, September 12, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: hope