In Love For Long Poem by Edwin Muir

In Love For Long

Rating: 3.5

I've been in love for long
With what I cannot tell
And will contrive a song
For the intangible
That has no mould or shape,
From which there's no escape.

It is not even a name,
Yet is all constancy;
Tried or untried, the same,
It cannot part from me;
A breath, yet as still
As the established hill.

It is not any thing,
And yet all being is;
Being, being, being,
Its burden and its bliss.
How can I ever prove
What it is I love?

This happy happy love
Is sieged with crying sorrows,
Crushed beneath and above
Between todays and morrows;
A little paradise
Held in the world's vice.

And there it is content
And careless as a child,
And in imprisonment
Flourishes sweet and wild;
In wrong, beyond wrong,
All the world's day long.

This love a moment known
For what I do not know
And in a moment gone
Is like the happy doe
That keeps its perfect laws
Between the tiger's paws
And vindicates its cause.

leonore 25 May 2018

Wow I love it u must keep on writing

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edwin muir 05 December 2022

im dead

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mir edwin 11 April 2018

its all about me i love this poem

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edwin muir 05 December 2022

no ur name the wrong way around

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Susan Williams 03 October 2015

Oh, gee, I just fell in love with a poem!

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edwin muir 05 December 2022

like i fell in love with this comment

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Edwin Muir

Edwin Muir

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